Rule of the week #19 – Requirements before lifting your ball

Hi Ladies,

When a player has good reason to mark and lift a ball to identify it, check for damage or see if it lies in a condition where relief is allowed (such as to see whether it is embedded), the player is NO LONGER required first to announce to another player or his or her marker (one who keeps your score) the intent to do so or give that person an opportunity to observe the process.

Many of you have probably needed to at one time or another identify your ball, especially in the rough, and have lifted the ball to see if it was yours. If you clearly mark your ball on both sides of the ball and push the grass away from your ball, you  most likely will not need to pick your ball up. Before lifting your ball, mark the ball with a ball-marker or tee right behind or right next to the ball. You may also hold a club on the ground right behind or right next to the ball. You may not clean the ball and you must replace it  in it’s original spot. Rule 14.1a

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