Volunteer Opportunities

2023 GWGA VOLUNTEER LIST – Each member is asked to volunteer in at least one slot. You can sign up for something by emailing Sally.  The sign up list will also be available at the holiday party on Dec 8.  This list of volunteers for each item will be published here at a later date.  


Bring food items and help set up the food table for a 2023 Shotgun event (paid for in Budget) (5 people needed).

Purchase prizes (paid for in GWGA budget) (4 people).

Assist after golf with scorecard collection and review to determine winners. (2 people)


Plan the 2023 luncheon, work with V.P. to identify place and date.  Select food choices, notify members of details; collect money.  Organize golf before/after lunch.  (2 people)

Buy favors and table decorations (funded by GWGA budget). (1 person)

Coordinate solicitation of door prize donations, collect the donations, ready them for distribution. Prepare a method for distributing them; Lead distribution of prizes during the luncheon. (1 person)

Solicit a door prize for our league from a golf course or restaurant or other vendor/donor. (5 people)

Donate a door prize you purchase.  (2 people)

Greet people – Sit at the Luncheon check-in table with the Treasurer as golfers arrive, receive dues checks and remind golfers to sign the volunteer sheet. (2 people)

Make desserts for the luncheon. (6 people)

LEAGUE GOLF OUTING TO A LOCAL GOLF COURSE (ON A DAY OTHER THAN THURSDAY).  Coordinate with V. P. on dates.  Reserve tee times for the league event, ask members to sign up. (2 people)

OVERNIGHT GOLF TRIP – Coordinate with the V. P. on dates.  Identify a golf course and an overnight hotel, reserve foursomes, ask members to sign up,  (two people/two trips)

BE A MENTOR FOR A NEW MEMBER – Mentors are assigned new member/mentees by the Membership Chair.  Play in the foursome with your mentee to orient them to the way our league operates on league day. (scoring procedures, etiquette, etc).  Answer their questions or find the answer, make them feel welcome, and introduce them to other members.  (5 people)

PHOTOGRAPY – Take photos at shotguns, league golf outings or league trips.  Coordinate with web master and luncheon coordinator to post or show slides.  (2 people)

CLOSE LEAGUE DAY – In Leaderboard, help the Tournament chair with closing out the day.  Review scorecards and entries.  Clean off table of all league materials and lock the locker. (7 people)

SPRING MEETING – Greet people at entry (assist Treasurer and Membership Chair) (2 people)

SERVE ON THE GWGA BOARD.  Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Chair.  (Indicate a position that would interest you.)  Board positions to be filled by membership vote in accordance with Bylaws. (5 People)

SERVE AS A GWGA COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Rules, Website, Birdies and Chip-ins, Board Nominations, Membership.  Indicate a position that would interest you. Committee chairs are appointed in accordance with Bylaws. (5 people)