Rule of he week #18 – Playing out of turn

Hi Ladies,

Under the old rule, it was implied that playing out of turn in stroke play was wrong or not allowed even though there was no penalty for doing so.

Now, playing “ready golf” is encouraged when it can be done in a safe and responsible way, such as when:

*  Two or more players agree to do so for the convenience or to save time,

*  A player’s ball comes to rest a very short distance from the hole and the player wishes to hole out, or

*  An individual player is ready and able to play before another player whose turn it is to play under the normal order of play, so long as in playing out of turn the player does not endanger, distract or interfere with any other player. It would be a good idea to communicate your intentions to the player who’s turn it is before playing your ball. A player should not play out of turn to gain an advantage over other players.


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