3 Sign Ups Sunday and September Info

  • Look for 3 Sign-Ups, this Sunday Aug 14 at 7 p.m.   You will receive sign ups for Aug 18, Sep 1 and Sep 2.  Sep 1 and 2 are not league days and will not count toward championship eligibility.  Thursday, Sep 1 we cannot play at Greendale (Greendale hosting Arlington Seniors that morning).  So we are having the Forest Greens outing.  More info on sign up.  Friday Sep 2 at Greendale we can play at the weekday rate. We must run these 2 sign ups very early because we have to let them know 2 weeks in advance how many tee times to block for us.
  • Golfers not eligible for the September Championship may play golf each week, but they will follow the tournament players in the later time slots.  For them it is simply a fun day, no games/contests.  If you are a non-championship player, please keep reading, more info below pertaining to you and how you sign up, etc.
  • Championship eligibility – You must have 10 rounds before the championship begins.  We have 2 more league dates (8/18 and 8/25) before Championship.  To check your number of rounds look at the Flight Distribution report online, dated 8/3.  If you played with the league on 8/4 or 8/11, add that to the rounds shown on the 8/3 report to get your current total.
  • Sep 8 – Contest week – This will be a regular sign up, all play but only those eligible for Championship will participate in the contests; Game will be low gross, but only the contest results (not scores) will count toward championship.  Regular signup, foursomes mixed with championship and non-championship players.
  • Sep 15, 22, 29 – You will sign up for either championship play or non-championship play.  The tournament chair will arrange the foursomes.  First week everyone plays in their flight to the extent possible; second two weeks foursomes will be arranged using tournament scoring as primary criteria (you may or may not be with your flight, you will be with people who scored similarly in prior rounds).  Non-championship players will follow the tournament, playing in the later tee times.
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