Feeling the Heat?

Hydration  – In excessive heat, remember to start hydrating the night before golf and drink more than usual before you arrive at the course.  Start your round with a hydrated body and drink between golf shots to maintain hydration.  Don’t wait until you get out on the course to begin hydrating.

Hole 17 – Reminder, the washed out area on the left hill about 150 yards from the tee box is Ground Under Repair.  If your ball lands in that area, take a drop in the rough (not the fairway) at the bottom of the hill adjacent to where the players think the ball ended up. The GUR extends all the way to the top edge of the woods.

New members recently -In the past thirty days we have added 5 new members, bringing our total membership to 61.  Please welcome: Kathy Chandler, Tania Richards, Jackie Fleming, Dinny Jenson and Linda Burton.  New members, please familiarize yourself with the member only section of our website.

Please repair divots!  Every week GWGA is leaving fresh divots on the greens.  PLEASE carry a tee or a divot tool in your pocket and repair a divot or two, even if your ball made no divot.  If you hit the green from the fairway, likely you made a divot.  Look for it.  If you don’t know how to repair it, ask someone in your foursome.  Also, those of you riding, please use the sand mixture on your carts to fix any divots in the fairways, even if you did not make a divot.  Let’s try to keep our course in better shape.

Cancellations/changed line-ups – Recently we have experienced an unusual number of last minute cancellations due to hot temperatures.  If you are canceling due to temperatures, please do so the night before versus the morning of play.  The tournament chair needs time to adjust the line-ups.

When you arrive at the clubhouse, please check the tee sheet to see if you have been moved.  Only one person (tournament chair/member in charge) has authority to move people around.  Members must be flexible and respect those changes made by the tournament chair/member in charge.

Arrive early – First 3 foursomes arrive no later than 7; everyone else is suppose to be at the clubhouse by 7:30 a.m.  If you don’t arrive early, you may find that your foursome has already to moved to the tee box and you may miss your tee time.  When we have cancellations people are moved up, we cannot leave gaps.

See you on Thursday!






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