May News Updates

Handicaps and Flights have been updated.  You can view the flight distribution on our web pages at any time.

Ringer Report – the first ringer report has been posted.  For new people, the ringer report is updated monthly, and shows your lowest score for each hole, over the whole season.

Winner reports and player detail – These are posted on our Schedule page weekly, usually on Friday.

Membership Update:  Please look for our three new members at the clubhouse and introduce yourself: Peggy Lottman, Annalee McCann and Sylvia Stevens.  We now have 55 members.  New members, please check your information in all 3 of our directories.

Please arrive early when it is rainy –  Everyone please remember, when we have last minute cancellations, it causes reshuffling of foursomes.  When the weather is iffy, you may find others in your foursome have canceled and you have been moved.  Under league rules you cannot golf alone, so we have to reshuffle people.  If 4+ people cancel, the tee times for ALL foursomes are moved up earlier to fill the time-gaps.  So if you have a late time, for example 9:00, you may arrive to find that everyone is already out on the course!!  Also, if you decide to leave before completing 18, please do not leave a golfer alone, she cannot finish without someone to play with.

Playing nine holes – We are an 18 hole league and if you know you can only play 9 hole for some reason, please indicate 9 holes on the sign-up, or tell the tournament chair in advance.   At least 2 other golfers in your foursomes must be there for 18, one person cannot finish alone.

Rules information – With all the rain, we’ve had some discussion about water on the greens and the rules concerning touching the line of putt.   Sue Spatcher, our rules chair, has clarified this for us below.

  • Rule 16-1a/1 Brushing Aside or Mopping Up Casual Water on Line of Putt

Q. May a player whose ball lies on the putting green brush aside casual water
on his line of putt, or mop it up with a towel?

A.  No. Such action would be a breach of Rule 16-1a (Touching Line of Putt).

  • Rule 16-1a/3 Removing Dew or Frost from Line of Putt

Q. May a player brush dew or frost from his line of putt?

A. No. Rule 16-1a prohibits touching the line of putt except in removal of
loose impediments, repair of ball marks, etc. Dew or frost are not loose
impediments – see Definition of “Loose Impediments.” Accordingly, such action
would be a breach of Rule 16-1a.

Thank you to Kathi Pierce for the hilarious “duck pins” you awarded to those who played in the rain April 28th!   If you didn’t pick yours up last Thursday, check the table this week.

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY!  Hope to see everyone Thursday.


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