Playing in the Rain

You have a GWGA tee time you’ve been looking forward to and you check the weather forecast and it shows rain clouds.  Already the anxiety begins and you feel disappointment.  What to do – what to do?  We have all experienced this and April is our rainiest month.

Don’t let disappointment and anxiety rule!  Join us at the clubhouse, we will be there.  Unless it is thundering and lightening at the course (not at your house), or it’s a torrential downpour at tee time, we normally will play.  Sometimes we may have a rain delay if we can see a front moving through.

Reasons to play golf in the rain, like 15 of your fellow golfers did last Thursday:

1 – Everyday becomes a potential golf day 🙂   Yahoo!!  We are all dying to get out there and play, don’t let the rain disappoint you and keep you from practicing your skills and enjoying the day with your golf friends.  Remember when you were a kid and how you so wanted to play in the rain????

2 – Playing in the rain is a skill in itself and if you like playing tournaments, learning to thrive in wet conditions is very useful.  Your score may be a little higher than normal, but so will everyone else’s.

3 – It is great mental exercise.  Playing in the rain has many distractions as you attempt to keep your equipment dry and execute aggressive shots.  It’s an exercise in keeping your mind focused.  A well executed shot in the rain feels even more rewarding than in dry conditions.

4 – You can justify your pricey wardrobe!   Most of you own expensive rain jackets and outerwear.  Make use of it!   You can wear that hat that has been stuffed in your bag to keep water out of your eyes.

5 – Bunker shots are easier because the wet sand is packed down!

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Some tips for playing the rain:

1 – Bring extra gloves and towels.  Rain gloves work best – their purpose is not to keep your hand dry, but their tackiness increases when wet to give you a better grip.

2 – A clear shower cap is useful to cover the scorecard on the steering wheel of a power cart.  A bungie cord can be used inside some carts to hang towels and extra gloves. If you walk with an umbrella, hang towels and gloves from the inside of the umbrella.  Put your “rain day kit” in your car, ready to grab and go.

3. – Check out pro Keri Moffatt’s  10 tips for playing the rain, especially numbers 7-10.

See you Thursday!

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