News Update – July 22, 2015

New member:  Please welcome new member Anne Turcol to GWGA!  We now have 55 members.

Two scorecards per foursome:  Recently a foursome turned in two scorecards that were both kept by the same person. The intent of requiring a duplicate is to eliminate errors. Two cards kept by one person defeats the intent of this rule. As we all know, scoring errors are not uncommon.  People forget to write down scores, hear a different score, or write someone’s score on the wrong line, mixing up the scores of 2 players, etc.  Keeping a duplicate card and reconciling the 2 cards afterwards helps eliminate errors.

The board has updated the league recordkeeping section of the member handbook to read as follows (new language shown in blue text):  Each group will turn in 2 scorecards kept by 2 different scorekeepers, with all players listed on both cards. If only one card is kept, all golfers in the foursome except the person who kept the original card may be disqualified from winning that round. The Original card (versus the Duplicate) must be signed and dated by all players and both cards turned in.  A player with no signature on the original card may be disqualified from winning that round.  

Red Staked Hazards: Reminder to all, grounding your club or touching or moving loose impediments in a hazard is a 2 stroke penalty. Rule 13-4.  DO NOT start removing sticks, pine cones, leaves or any other debris away from your ball until you have first identified whether you are in a hazard or not.

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