July Update and Reminders

Four Flights – As a result of increased membership (54 members!) we are now able to support four flights.   The new flight distibution will be effective next week.   This will not impact sign-up categories, they will remain the same.  The new flight distribution report is posted; or you can find it on the table at the clubhouse next week.

LCP (Lift, clean and place) – Check the scorecard each week to see if we are playing lift, clean and place.  If you see “LCP” written on your score card, it means we are playing lift, clean and place on the fairway.

Time change next week: our tee times will begin at 7 a.m.   Players in the first 3 tee times need to arrive by 6:30.

Laptop Change – you will notice next week that we have a laptop upgrade, newer, faster larger screen, and a wireless mouse.  Thank you to Lynne Kennedy for donating the laptop to our league.  It will replace the one we had been using.   Thank you also to Kathy Rath for letting the league use the former laptop!

Participation days – To be eligible to play in the 3 league championship rounds beginning September 10, you must have played in 50% of the 2015 playable rounds (Thursdays). This year that translates to 11 rounds before September 10.   The number of rounds you have played can be found on the Flight Distribution report (column titled “this year”).  If you don’t have enough rounds by Sep 10 to qualify, you can still play golf on the championship tournament days; you will just play in the last foursome out.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy golfing to all!





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