During the year GWGA will host two or three Captain’s Choice tournaments and the end of the year Annual Championship.

Captain’s Choice 

Since the Captain’s Choice tournaments are shot gun starts, sign up will be by name; no tee times are involved.  The tournament/HC chair will establish foursomes, notify members of their foursomes and starting holes. The tournament/HC chair will notify Greendale Management of the Captain’s Choice tournament, how many golfers, and work with them to put name and hole signs in each cart. She will also determine if any individual contests (i.e. closest to the pin) will be played during the Captain’s Choice. The tournament/HC chair will purchase prizes for the winning team and contest winners.

Annual Championship Tournament 

To qualify for the Championship tournament, members must participate in 50% of the league’s playable Thursday rounds of golf at Greendale.

The championship will be held on three consecutive Thursdays and winners will be determined based on total (gross and net) for 36 holes.

Eligibility for Senior League Champion will be determined by sorting the list of eligible players by birthday and the older half will compete to be the Senior Champion (gross and net).  The remaining players will compete for League Champion (gross and net).

All players will be placed in flights based on their handicaps. Flight designations will not be updated during the month of the championship tournament. Among the players in a flight, the best combined two rounds (gross and net) will determine the flight winners.

Awards will also be given in each flight for longest drive, closest to the pin and closest to the line.

Playing Rules

  • Unless otherwise announced by the tournament/HC chair, no “lift, clean and place” or moving the ball in the fairway except as allowed by the USGA official rules of golf.
  • Double par rule is suspended. Play until the ball is holed out. This could slow the pace of play so golfers should move as quickly as possibly between hits and between holes.
  • Hole 6 drop zone by the cart path may be used.
  • Hole 8 has no drop zone if ball lands in water.  Re-hit a ball from the tee area.
  • Hole 10 drop zone on the other side of the water may be used.
  • Both Official and Back-up scorecards must agree.  Official scorecard must have all players’ signatures.
  • Any rules dispute should be noted on the scorecard with the hole circled. The player should play following the rule she thinks is correct and mark the score accordingly. Scorecard is not signed.  The rules chair will make a ruling after the round.
  • It is recommended that each player announce her stroke total when reaching the green (e.g., “on in 3” — this is an aid for keeping a correct score).
  • It is suggested that golfers print out a Rules Bag Tag for reference.