League Membership

Membership is open to any woman with an established USGA handicap and those who plan to obtain a handicap by playing three (3) rounds of golf. These members pay annual dues, play 18 holes, go on league-sponsored golf trips and attend league-sponsored social events.

Long term members of GWGA who are 80 years or older and have been in the league for 10 years or more, can be designated Legacy Members for Life at the discretion of the Board. Legacy members do not pay dues, can play either 9 or 18 holes, go on league-sponsored golf trips and attend league-sponsored events. Legacy members will not win any prizes at the end of the year.


Membership – The membership fee for a season is determined by the outgoing Board prior to the fall luncheon. This is to allow for the payment of membership fees at the fall luncheon and well before the season. The membership fee must be paid prior to tee off time to qualify for prizes.

Handicap – The handicap fee is to register a golfer with the USGA Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) system. This system maintains a golfer’s handicap throughout the season. The handicap fee may be paid through GWGA at Greendale or with another golf course.

Chip-in – The chip-in fee, $6 is part of the 2020 dues. The chip-in fee covers the entire season. Under a new procedure, monetary payouts for all chip-ins will occur at the end of the season.  The payout amount will be determined by dividing the total of chip-in fees collected by the number of chip-ins.  This will mean every chip-in will be awarded the same amount.

Award points – Part of the membership fee is used to fund awards at season end.  The tournament/HC chair will develop a point system for these awards. The system will include points for league and senior champions, flight winners, championship contest winners (e.g. longest drive), and weekly game winners. The dollar value of one point may vary from year to year depending on the funds available in the treasury at the end of the season. The point system will be approved by the board and posted on the GWGA website.