The Greendale Women’s Golf Association (GWGA), founded in 1980, is a league for experienced golfers of all abilities who enjoy playing the game of golf together. It is an 18- hole league that plays on Thursday mornings at Greendale Golf Course in Alexandria, Virginia. The playing season is weekly beginning with the first Thursday in April and ending the last Thursday in October. A different game is played each week (e.g., best score on par 4 holes), and weekly winners earn points that translate into monetary winnings paid at the end of the season.

GWGA operates according to membership-approved Bylaws and the procedures described in this handbook. The Bylaws describe the core structure of the organization and higher-level governing principles. This handbook provides detail on current day-to-day operating procedures. It is reviewed and updated (if needed) on an annual basis by a Board of Directors (Board) prior to the beginning of the playing season.