Pace of Play

The GWGA league expects that a round of golf will be played in 4 1/2 hours.  If it is cart path only, that expectation changes to 5 hours.

Suggestions for speeding up play:

  • Play ready golf
  • The first player to hole out should be responsible for the flagstick
  • Play a provisional ball if there is a chance that a ball might be lost outside a hazard
  • Riders – after a shot, get into the cart (holding your clubs), do not put clubs away until the NEXT stopping point
  • Watch your ball and assist your partners in watching theirs. Only one other player needs to help look for a lost ball.  Others in the group should continue to play
  • One practice swing only
  • Three-minute search for lost ball
  • Put away clubs and record scores at the next tee box
  • Keep 2 balls in your pocket, marked differently at all times as well as 2 tees and a ball marker
  • Keep your cell phone turned off or muted.
  • Use less than 40 seconds to address the ball.
  • We have adopted local Rule-E5 for the 2020 golf season.