Board of Directors/Duties

The league is administered by a Board which includes: a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament/Handicap Chair. These officers are elected for 2-year terms by members in even-year fall membership meetings. The officers for 2022 are:

  • President – Kathi Pierce
  • Vice President – Carey Durham
  • Secretary – Heidi Moos
  • Treasurer – Anne Turcel
  • Tournament/Handicap Chair – Margaret Melady & Susan Spatcher

The duties of the Board shall be to transact business between membership meetings; create rules and policies; create standing and ad hoc committees, as needed; prepare reports and recommendations to the membership as needed; attend a minimum of 3 board meetings annually, or more if needed; and review the Handbook annually to ensure its accuracy.

In addition, the Board is responsible for developing, approving and monitoring an annual budget. Budget documentation will include justification for dollars in each budget category, which, for the awards category, would include detailed information on the point system by which awards are given. A Board-approved annual budget with documentation will be shared with membership at the Spring meeting and will be made available on the GWGA website.

Duties of Individual Board Members 

As indicated below, each Board member has significant duties. Board members are free to recruit volunteers to assist with their duties.


  • Coordinates the work of all board officers to carry out the purpose of the organization.
  • Develops meeting agendas and presides over meetings or other gatherings.
  • Chooses and reserves location for the Spring Meeting.
  • Before season begins, arranges to go with the treasurer and her assistant to sign signature card at bank and contacts Greendale staff with dates/starting times and number of tee times needed.
  • Liaisons with Greendale management
  • Ensures all board positions are filled
  • Solicits member volunteers for GWGA tasks
  • Signs checks in the event the Treasurer is unavailable to perform the duty.


  • Organizes and oversees the end-of-year Awards Luncheon (arranges restaurant location, solicits donations, sends invitations and collects fees)
  • Oversees or plans day/overnight trips for league members
  • Assists the President and carries out the President’s duties in her absence or inability to serve
  • Oversees the work of the Membership Committee
  • Ensures that the Championship plaque gets engraved for the Awards Luncheon


  • Keeps meeting minutes
  • Ensures that an up-to-date membership list with emergency contacts is posted in the locker at the clubhouse
  • Provides approved minutes of Board meetings and a summary of what was discussed at Membership meetings to the web administrator for posting to the web site, as well as email them, to the members
  • Sends out meeting notices and emails from board members as needed
  • Make yearly changes to the handbook from input from board members


  • Processes membership checks
  • Provides membership list and updates to Membership Committee Chair
  • Advises board members of all newly paid members
  • Takes the lead in developing the budget for the board, and once finalized, provides board with annual budget projection/breakdown of expenses, statement of income and expenses at all board meetings, and reviews this information with membership at membership meetings
  • Makes deposits as needed
  • Writes checks to Greendale as needed for Handicap fees collected
  • Writes checks and keeps all receipts to back up the checks written
  • Provides Vice President with luncheon budget update when requested
  • Keeps checkbook up to date and balances the checkbook with monthly statements
  • Presents her records annually for audit by someone designated by the Board
  • Orders birdie pins and allocates birdie and chip-in funds as part of end-of-year awards.


  • Creates a GWGA Point System to be used for distribution of awards
  • Gives the point system, once approved by the Board to the Web Administrator for posting on the GWGA Website
  • Annually develops a league calendar of games
  • Chooses games for weekly tournament play, tee times needed, and dates
  • Changes calendar in laptop to ensure it is accurate
  • Requests database consultant to add new games if needed and keeps the board informed of all such requests and changes
  • Prints out scorecards and puts numbered copies in locker for Openers
  • Annually reviews the instructions in the binder in the locker at Greendale at the beginning of each season and updates as needed
  • Ensures that closing sign-ups are covered and works with sign-up coordinator to request sign-ups
  • On a weekly basis, prior to Thursday play:
    • Reviews sign-ups, adjusts foursomes as needed, and notifies affected golfer(s) of new tee time(s)
    • Provides list of tee times and foursomes to Greendale staff and Openers
    • Collects all signed scorecards and retains them for two years
    • Notifies golfer(s) of any errors on scorecards (e.g., failure to sign original card)
  • On a monthly basis, prior to the 1st Thursday of the month:
    • Receives handicap list from Greendale and looks up handicaps of members whose handicaps are held at another club/course and updates players’ handicaps
    • Loads new handicap file into the system.
    • Reviews handicaps and flight distribution to determine if cut-offs need changing and makes needed changes in the laptop.
    • Provides the board with the Flight Distribution Report and gives to Web Administrator for posting on the GWGA Website.
  • Tracks attendance to determine which golfers are eligible for the Championship.
  • Organizes play for two to three scheduled Captain’s Choice (notifies Greendale of dates, number of foursomes playing and names of golfers in each foursome and notifies golfers of their starting holes)
  • Organizes play for the Championship (determines order of flights and who is in each foursome; notifies golfers of their tee times; and announces winners at the Awards Luncheon)
  • Collects award cash from treasurer and provides players with their winnings at the Awards Luncheon
  • Oversees the member who manages the birdies and chip-ins.
  • Determines the overall birdies and chip-in winners by flight at the end of the season.
  • When contests are held, notifies Greendale of which dates, which holes and which signs are needed and ensures that Greendale places the signs on the course
  • Serves as part of leadership team (President, Vice President, Tournament/HC Chair) that determines if a week is called due to weather and determines if conditions warrant “Lift, Clean and Place”
  • Updates email group in the software based on membership info received from treasurer
  • Opens and closes sign-ups at the agreed upon times.
  • Oversees opening on Thursday morning which will be performed by the players in the first tee time.  Those duties include:
    • Gets the locker key from the front desk.  Open the locker and leave the locker key in it with the quarter
    • Takes out score cards, binder, and laptop from locker
    • Sets up and turns on the laptop on the table
    • Puts binder on the table
    • Puts score cards and tee sheet on table
    • Puts the weekly game sign (located in the binder) on the table
    • If it is Lift, Clean and Place puts that sign (located in the binder) on the table
  • Oversees closing on Thursday afternoon which will be performed by volunteers.  Those duties include:
    • Collects scorecards and ensures all scores are accurately added and signed
    • Verifies scores in computer
    • Closes out the day in the laptop, following prompts and running reports
    • Locks laptop, scorecards and other items in locker
    • Returns locker key to Greendale staff
  • Sends out call for volunteers for closing sign-ups, luncheon sign-ups, and other sign-ups as needed