Golf Cart Etiquette

Golf Cart Etiquette and rules of the road:

Here are some tips for proper cart etiquette on the golf course.

  1. Keep all carts 30 feet from all greens and on the cart path by the tee boxes.
  2. Keep entire cart (all 4 wheels) on the cart path to park by the tee boxes or collars of the green.
  3. If a golfer is about to swing or attempt a putt, slow down as you approach and stop the cart until the golfer has completed his or her stroke.
  4. When the 90-degree rule is in effect, carefully drive out to your ball on the grass, but only at a 90-degree angle. Do not drive from the tee out to the middle of the fairway to your ball. 
  5. When cart path-only is in effect, drive to a point on the designated cart path until you are even with your ball. Consider taking a few clubs and a ball (if you went into a penalty area) with you since you may not be able to see the conditions around the ball from the cart.
  6. When you finish the hole, drive on to the next tee box before marking your scorecard. This allows players behind you to continue playing without waiting for you.
  7. As a courtesy to the group behind you, drive the cart around the back of the green before putting. This facilitates a speedy departure, since the next group will not be forced to wait while you clear the area.
  8. Stick to the side of the cart path when you’re stopped at a hole to allow other carts to get around you, if needed.
  9. For your safety, do not drive your cart in front of other players while they are hitting. As a courtesy, do not drive forward or back up when a player is addressing their ball. 
  10. If you see a sign “No carts beyond this point” on the fairway as you get close to the green, be sure to abide by this rule. Exit the fairway before you reach the sign. This rule is in effect to protect the integrity of the course.