Entering Scores after Play is Complete

Each member is responsible to ensure that their score is entered in the GWGA leaderboard system. Scores entered in leaderboard are posted the next day in GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network).

GWGA Automated system

The league uses an automated record keeping system.

A golfer must complete 18 holes to enter a gross score into the GWGA system to compete in the weekly game. If a golfer leaves the course before finishing, her name should not be entered in the GWGA game software/laptop.

Two players from each group must work together to enter the scores of the group in the leaderboard system.  One player reads aloud the scores while the other player types in the numbers.

NON-LEAGUE SCORES from other golf courses or played at Greendale on non-league days may also be entered into leaderboard, or into GHIN.

USGA and VSGA have adopted the World Handicap System, which we will use for determining handicaps.  Scores are adjusted using Net Double Bogey (double bogey plus handicap strokes on each hole).  Golfers continue to have an overall handicap, but course handicap varies by course depending on course ratings, and Net Double Bogey is calculated hole-by-hole for the specific course played.  Golfers must enter gross scores by hole into the GHIN.  When hole-by-hole scores are entered, the GHIN will calculate Net Double Bogey for each hole, based on the player’s course handicap.  Handicaps are revised daily, and prompt entry of scores is required, as this is a real-time system.  The GHIN also determines any adjustment required for course/weather conditions, and adjusts scores as necessary at the end of each day.

You can manually enter your scores from other courses