2019 Tournament Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners this year!  The full list is below.

Thanks to the committee who put on the Luncheon at Mt. Vernon, it was a great event.  Looking forward to a festive and fun time on December 12 at Carey’s house.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2019 Tournament Winners

League Gross Winner:  Sue Spatcher
Senior Gross Winner:  Sally Reams

League Net Winner:  Kathy Sullivan
Senior Net Winner:  Mae Kiehl

Overall Low Putts:  Helen Shinn

Flight A Gross Winner:  Kathi Pierce
Flight B Gross Winner:  Kathy Chandler
Flight C Gross Winner:  Myong An
Flight D Gross Winner:  Kathy Rath

Flight A Net Winner:  Jung Hee Kim
Flight B Net Winner:  Eileen Ruzicka
Flight C Net Winner:  Lucinda Audey
Flight D Net Winner:  Ruth Coakley

Flight A
Most Accurate Drive:  Sally Reams
Longest Drive:  Greta Kohlhagen
Closest to Pin:  Jung Hee Kim

Flight B
Most Accurate Drive:  Helen Shinn
Longest Drive:  Judy Flader
Closest to Pin:  Judy Flader

Flight C
Most Accurate Drive:  Mary Palm
Longest Drive:  Myong An
Closest to Pin:  Ann McClung

Flight D
Most Accurate Drive:  Kathy Rath
Longest Drive:  Heidi Moos
Closest to Pin: Kathy Rath


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