Rule of the week # 14 – Bunker do’s and don’ts

Hi Ladies,

If your ball is in the bunker, you may move or touch a loose impediment such as stones, loose grass, leaves, branches, sticks, animal waste, dead animals, worms, insects and similar animals that can be removed easily and the mounds or webs they build and clumps of compacted soil (including aeration plugs). You may also touch the sand in a bunker with your club to keep your balance while stepping in the bunker or leaning on the club to rest with no penalty.

The exception to the rule, with a 2-stroke penalty, is when you touch the sand (1) with your hand or club to test the conditions of the bunker, (2) in making a practice swing, (3) with the club in the area right behind or in front of the ball or (4) in making the backswing for the stroke.


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