Rule of the week #4 Taking relief dropping procedure

Hi Ladies,

The old rule allowed us to take a drop in a specific area and sometimes take a drop on or as near as possible to a spot or a line.

The new rule is that the ball must come to rest in the relief area where it was dropped. If the ball comes to rest outside of the relief area, the player will drop a second time in the relief area. If the ball again comes to rest outside the relief area, the player will place it where the ball first touched the ground on the second drop. This re-dropping procedure is the same as last year.

When you are taking “back-of-the-line” relief for a yellow or red staked penalty area, unplayable lie option or relief from the bunker (2 stroke penalty), the relief area starts from behind the ball as far back as you want  1 club length on either side of the line determined by you from the flag to the spot where the ball crossed the margin of the penalty area or came to rest in the unplayable lie or bunker.  The new rule gives you the flexibility of dropping no more than 1 club length on either side of the line instead of right on the line.

The relief area is measured by measuring 1 or 2 club lengths (which is defined as the longest club you have other than a putter).

The relief area will be shaped like a half moon or a “D” :))

As always, let me know if you have any questions. Refer to Rule 17 for some good visual aides and the videos we have on the website.

Keep reading those rules!!


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