Spring Meeting – Five Important Items

Five things from the 2017 Spring Meeting you need to know about:

1) Sign-Up Categories.  The purpose and use of Sign-Up categories for tee-times was discussed.  The categories (Cat 1= flights A&B and Cat 2=flights C&D)  were implemented years ago to help equalize the pace of foursomes and also serve to mix-up golfers and aid members in knowing each other better.   It was decided we would suspend the use of categories for May and July Sign-Ups  and assess the impact.  Watch for the change on the May sign-ups, and again in July.  April and June sign-ups will use the categories as we have done in the past.  Gary Callis will chair a committee to assess the impact.

2) 2018 GWGA championship format. Eileen Ruzicka will chair a committee to explore options for how our championship tournament can be changed/improved so it’s a more enjoyable tournament.

3) If you have questions concerning tee times, Michelle Moldenhauer is our tournament chair and she requests that you TEXT her.

4) To get the password to the member only section of our web pages, email Sally or click on the “members only” tab and complete and submit the form there.

5) Kathi Pierce handed out this annotated VSGA one-day event schedule showing events which have women’s flights and those nearby.  Contact her if interested.

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