Don’t be a Turtle, be a Cheetah!

Are you a Turtle or a Cheetah?

Last Thursday we had two foursomes with large gaps in front of them.  So much so that a group skipped from Hole 10 to Hole 13, filled the gap, then went back to 11 and 12 after they played 18 and still finished before the group they had been following.

If you don’t see the group in front you,  you are golfing like a Turtle! 

Secrets of Cheetah golfers…..

  • TRY to be first on the tee box, don’t hold back, please.  Don’t ask if it is your turn or discuss who is to go first, get up there and hit.
  • Whoever arrives first on the tee box, tee off instead of talking/waiting. Hit first then record your score for the prior hole afterwards.
  • Try to putt-out rather than marking a shot and waiting for others to finish.  Don’t ask whose turn it is.  Simply announce that you would like to finish so the other golfers know your intention.
  • If your ball is not in anyone’s line on the green, pick up your marker and replace your ball while someone else prepares to putt.
  • Whoever putts out first, leave the green and go tee off at the next hole. 
  • If you can take a putt or two while waiting for other golfers to reach the green, DO SO!  Ask someone to tend the flag and take your putt(s) instead of waiting for all 4 to arrive on the green before you begin putting.    This is not rude, it is playing ready golf.
  • Only one player should help search for a lost ball, while the other 2 move ahead and hit.  By doing so you are being considerate to those behind your group.  If the ball hasn’t been found by the time 2 other players have hit, a new ball should be dropped and play continued.
  • Riders – after your shot, get into the cart  holding your clubs, do not put clubs away until the NEXT stopping point.
  • Keep 2 balls in your pocket, marked differently at all times as well as 2 tees and a ball marker
  • Minimize talking and waiting – do something while you wait to prepare for your next shot.  While waiting for someone else to shoot, move to your ball (especially if your ball lies left of the one being hit) please move up to your ball, get out of the cart and select a club for your next shot. Please don’t wait until it is your turn to hit to move! Be there before it is your turn to hit. If it is cart path only and you are unsure which club you need, take several clubs with you.
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