The 2016 Season is here!

Did you know…

  • The first Tee Time sign-up is this Sunday April 3 at 7pm!   Remember – You never really need the email to sign up.  All you need to do is google/search “sign up genius”, click the “login” (top right of screen) and enter your email and personal password. (If it’s your first time on Sign Up Genius, you will need to create your account and password)  You will then see sign-ups you’ve been “invited to” — after 7p.m. — you will find the Greendale Sign ups waiting there for you!  If for some goofy reason you do not receive the sign-up email, don’t panic, just go directly to the site!!
  • You can invite guests to the April 21 Captain’s Choice and Shotgun – Jeanie, our Membership Chair, sent an electronic invitation to a list of over 75 golfers who play in other local leagues. She included each of you on the invitation so you could see it and forward it to any friends who might want to play the Captain’s Choice with us.  Invite someone!
  • We are having Lunch following the Captain’s Choice  – Wanda Martinson is organizing a lunch for us following the shotgun.  Watch for the lunch sign up this Sunday night April 3.  Deadline for lunch sign up is April 7.  Golf sign up will be a separate sign-up, published later.
  • Two great golf instructional articles are posted on our GWGA Facebook Group page. One is about how to perfect approach shots, and one offers help with the common error of topping the ball.  Check them out!  Most of you have joined this group; if you haven’t yet, you will need to create your own password before you can see the page.  Feel free to share photos, videos, news, tournament invitations and more within our group.
  • You are expected to turn your cell phones off during league play tournaments! Please remind your family and friends your phone will be off Thursday morning.

See you Thursday!!

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