2015 Championship Results

Before you review the results, please be aware that a golfer can only win one championship tournament award. The purpose of that policy is not to usurp recognition from the true winners, rather the purpose is to ensure that one person does not walk away with all the money.

The awards for which a person can only win one include:

Club Champion
Low Net Champion
Flight Champions
Low Putts

  • The contests (closest to pin/long drive) are not included, so a member can win both an award listed above and all of the contests in the member’s flight.
  • Ringer award is not part of the championship so members can win both one of the above and the ringer award.
  • Most improved is also not part of the championship, so members can win both one of the above and most improved.

When the championship computer program runs and the numbers indicate more than one win for a person, the person is given the award that has the higher dollar value and the golfer next in line receives the other award. 

So to fairly recongize the true winners, please look at the data rankings, you will see the true rankings based on scores, and it may look a little different than the list of winners, and you will know the reason for that.  Also, when there is a tie, the tie is broken by comparing score on the most difficult ranked hole, and if still tied, it compares on the next most difficult hole, etc.

Click this link and scroll down the page/calendar to Championship 3, on September 24.  Then open whichever report you wish to see.  There is a list of winners, and 3 separate reports, one for gross, one for net and one for putts.   Again, due to the “one championship tournament award” rankings may appear to be different than the list of winners.

— Sally

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