Tournament Chair Change

With the exception of the July 10 Shotgun, Eileen Ruzicka will be the primary tournament chair for GWGA for the remainder of the season.  Any future questions about league day play (cancellations, late sign-ups, guests, scorecards and such) should be directed to Eileen. For the July 10 Shotgun, Eileen will be out of town so Lucinda Audey will be working that event.  A sign-up for the shotgun will be sent out when the date gets closer.

For your info, when you email, it is received by 4 people: Lucinda Audey, Eileen Ruzicka, Judy Erickson (Sign Ups) and Sally Reams (website).  They work together and back each other up to ensure you get an answer if one of them is unavailable.

How to cancel a tee time sign-up instruction has also been updated with Eileen’s info.


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