Handicaps, Mobile GHIN App, ESC Scores

Please be sure you post all your Greendale league day scores in the GHIN system.

For those with a smart phone, there is a GHIN Mobile App you can use on your phone.   Download the free app for your Android or Apple product by entering the key word GHIN Mobile App and search Google Play (formally, the Android Market) or the iTunes Store.

Also, it is to your advantage to post your ESC score versus your raw score, so understand what it is.  ESC scoring is very clearly explained here:  USGA EQUITABLE STROKE CONTROL PROCEDURE.

You may enter your score on the GHIN computer in the clubhouse or you may enter it from your home computer by going to http://www.ghin.com, clicking on “post scores” and entering your GHIN number and last name; or you may also establish a GHIN account using your own user name and password.

If you want to know your GHIN number, Click here for a listing.


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