Tee Time Sign-Up Change Next Week

Hello golfers,  several changes will be taking place next week:

Sign-Ups:  All future Tee Time sign-ups (beginning with the sign-up for Thu May 30) will be sent out each week on Sunday evening about 5 p.m.   Purpose is to reduce the number of cancellations we are receiving.   When you sign-up not only are you holding a slot someone else may want, but your cancellation may generate other issues for your fellow golfers. It creates incomplete foursomes that must be fixed by the tournament chair prior to play, for example rearrangements so a golfer is not left to play alone,  or a twosome or threesome that will have to spend a lot of time waiting during play.

Winners:  You can find the winners on the web page anytime after Friday of each week.   Please simply go there and look each week, anytime after Friday, if you wish to see the winners.   The email with the link will no longer be sent.

Monthly Reports:  You can find current Handicaps, Flights, Attendance and Ringer reports on the web page at any time.  The reports are updated after the first of the month each month.   The link will not be emailed out to you, just go there and look at it.

Partial Scores:  Please DO NOT INPUT PARTIAL SCORES into the laptop.  For partial scores, enter ONLY THE NAME of the golfer.  Participation credit will be giving if the NAME is entered.     Golfers must complete all 18 holes to be eligible to win.  Entering partial scores can result in birdie and chip-in wins for people are NOT ELIGIBLE to win.  This results in EXTRA WORK for closers to find the partial score inputs and correct them.  And if the closers don’t find and correct it, then I have to remove names from reports before I can post winners.

Thanks everyone!!!


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