2012 End of Season Awards

The end of season luncheon yesterday was enjoyed by all who attended!  It was held at the beautiful Indigo Landing Restaurant on the Potomac River.   A big THANKS to Anita Gardner for organizing, and Jackie Woodle for assisting.  Everyone received a hat-clip ball marker which included 2 markers with GWGA on it: a fancy rhinestone one and a colorful white/green/red one.   Also, as a bonus gift, Bonnie Firestone and Gary Callis gave everyone a handwoven shoe accessory they made.  It ties on your shoe using shoe lace and holds ball markers.   If you were not there you missed a great time and you’ll get an opportunity to pick up your goodies next spring!   Shown below are the 2012 awards.   
2012 Most improved Player (based on GHIN formula w/ handicaps) – Trophy – Anita Gardner
Highest Attendance $10 – Helen Burke
Best 2 of 3 Championship Tournament:
Over the field best 2 of 3 champion $75- Pat Cecka
Over the field best 2 of 3 Low Net Winner $50 – Kathy Sullivan
Over the field best 2 of 3 Low putts winner $20 – Pat Cecka
Flight A champion best 2 of 3 gross $20 Mae Kiehl
Flight B champion best 2 of 3 gross $20 Kathy Rath
Flight C champion best 2 of 3 gross $20 Helen Crum
Flight A,B,C, closest to pin $10 each flight – Pat Cecka, Anita Gardner, Cindy Peake
FLight A,B,C, longest dive $10 each flight –  Helen Burke, Betty Lester, Bonnie Firestone
Flight A,B,C, most accurate $10 each flight – Jan Armstrong, Betty Lester, Helen Shinn
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