Entering Scores into GHIN

Some of you have not been entering your scores into the computer.  Please be sure you enter your scores into the GHIN.  You should be entering ALL your scores, not just the Thursday Greendale score.  You can do this at home by going to the GHIN web site  and entering your GHIN number and last name; GHIN numbers are listed below.  click here to go to the site.

8742038 Armstrong, Janet
0007615 Audey, Lucinda
1071931 Barnes, Jane
0327053 Brown, Kathleen
1072034 Callis, Gary
1072131 Cecka, Pat
0327061 Coakley, Ruth
1072060 Crum, Helen
8718601 Demeter, Kathy
0074407 Dinicola, Elizabeth
7365896 Erickson, Judy
1071962 Firestone, Bonnie
5237991 Gardner, Anita
1071945 Gault, Dutchie
5237978 German, Francoise
1071932 Greenfield, Rose
1072002 Haines, Janet
1072067 Hitchcock, Shirley
8712129 Kennedy, Lynne
1071973 Kiehl, Mae
0324890 Kim, Song Ja
1072000 Lester, Betty
0327064 Lewis, Mary
1072229 Majekodunmi, Funke
4916731 McAndrews, Patricia
0012000 Peake, Cindy
1072062 Rath, Kathy
1072058 Rayner, Ellen
8712131 Reams, Sally
0324893 Rubin, Miki Louis
0075863 Sandberg, Brenda
1072061 Shinn, Helen
8673416 Sullivan, Kathy
1072007 Tomasek, Ingrid
1063603 Walker, Patricia
1072232 Willis, Julie
1072233 Winter, Helen
5237977 Woodle, Jacqueline
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